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From fabric to conception. Creativity is all around, ready to be reaped.

A calling moulded and carved by the experience with important Brands.

Innovation lays in the research of the classic freehand drawing, the accuracy of design in art is functional to character.

To design is to think concretely, to see first-hand is to create.

The eclectic vitality of the handcrafted creation sifted through technology means precision in style.

Fashion is a way of being, the expression of the Self.

Fashion enhances the individual, it reflects the temperament, the mood, the aspirations, the sentiment.

To dress the Man is to sense inspiration in materials, fabrics, in the choice of colours.

The outfit generates and regenerates itself in the creative process, it makes the impossible possible.

To dress the Man is to create visions for others, to expand their own.

Breaking the stereotype walking towards the unexpected, achieving shape through intuition.

Enhancing the image in its own distinctiveness.

Sergio Borin Man collection ffashiondesigners for fashion designer

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