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Nicolò Turri - Fashion Designer


Outburst of an early vocation.

Talent is modeled in the assiduity of studying, in training perseverance.

From the ornament to the sketch, the days fly by, breathing fashion.

In the Mood for Fashion.

Recognizing one's way, understanding where one's style leads.

Determining the uniform spirit of the variables, the enchantment of a realized prefiguration.

Seduction in drawing: the permanent mark of an expressive interiority.

The final expression captures the first impression.

Grasping the impulse of what it seems to have none, the secret reason of an unmotivated appearance.

Between creation and result, between design and outfit, what coincides is not coincidence.

The eternal return is a constant departure.

To dress the Man is to sense inspiration in materials, fabrics, in the choice of colours.

The outfit generates and regenerates itself in the creative process, it makes the impossible possible.

To dress the Man is to create visions for others, to expand their own.

Breaking the stereotype walking towards the unexpected, achieving shape through intuition.

Enhancing the image in its own distinctiveness.

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